About us

In the life Azmiah bint Jancik lives, her love of batik has grown naturally. Her love of batik is the result of her upbringing by her beloved mother, Asmah binti M.Aziz. Asmah was the first generation that had pioneered the batik business in the family around the end of 1970s.  Although at that time, batik works cannot be relied upon as a living, yet with perseverance and faith, Asmah was still creating batik every day, for her needs as well as accepting batik orders from local businessmen, whose number was only a few then.

It was Asmah too, who had introduced batik to little Azmiah and the other nieces. This batik works skills later on is useful to supplement the family income. On the other hand, it is also an attempt to regenerate Jambi batik artisans. Wrought by various situations and difficulties, Azmiah decided that batik was no longer a side job to past the time, with results barely enough to support the family’s finance. Azmiah promised in her heart to improve her parents’ batik business as great as possible. With the prayers, hope, faith, and support from her mother, on July 20, 1984, Kreasi Batik Azmiah (Azmiah Batik Creation) was established.

Azmiah’s belief that batik can improve the family’s economy, was growing stronger after she got acquainted with Fiona Kerlogue from Horniman Museum of England. Their introduction had further increase Azmiah’s motivation to continue learning and perform innovations on Jambi batik, both on the colors and the decorative patterns. Four of her batik collections were purchased at a very high price, and become the collection of Horniman Museum in England. Her warm friendship with Fiona lasts until present.

KBA was increasingly recognized by the public when a fashion show was held at Abadi Hotel in Jambi, with the support of Mrs. Ratu Munawarah, the wife of the Governor of Jambi, Mr. Zulkifli Nurdin, about fifteen years ago. At that time, a Jambi fashion designer, the late Kiki Fikri, had used KBA written batik as the fittings to the clothes shown by the models. There were 50 pieces of KBA written batik on display, and they were all sold. Ever since then, all the officials, celebrities, and Jambi batik collectors have recognized KBA batik products.
With the support of thirty artisans, Azmiah’s batik business has dominated the Jambi markets and several regions in Sumatera. Although the production capacity of fine written batik is only 20 to 30 pieces a month. To meet the increasing orders, Azmiah is active in regenerating the young batik artisans, by providing trainings to housewives and high school students in the District of Danau Teluk.

Azmiah’s business continues to move, changing along the development and the dynamics of the age. To further increase the services to clients and facilitate others to remember her batik works, in 2014 Kreasi Batik Azmiah (Azmiah Batik Creation) was renamed to Rumah Batik Azmiah (RBA – Azmiah Batik House).

For nearly 30 years of work, there are many RBA masterpieces that had been the collections of batik lovers in Indonesia and abroad. There are many awards have been obtained by RBA, in 2013, RBA received the award for 3-Stars OVOP Products from the Ministry of Industry, which was accepted in Jakarta, on December 24, 2013 and April, 2016.